About Us

About Us

We have been working on employee benefits since 2003, and since Benefit Plus was the first cafeteria in the Czech Republic, our meetings with customers were really fun in the early years. Instead of taking advantage of the solution, we had to explain that we cannot offer them a company café. At that time nobody knew the concept of a cafeteria. Today the situation is quite different. Everyone knows Cafeteria and we manage benefit accounts for 190,000 employees from over the 250 largest companies and organizations in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. There are over 9,000 suppliers in our contract network and our turnover in benefits in 2018 has already exceeded CZK 1 billion.

Our vision has always been to be a major innovator in benefits and to provide our customers with the best services. That is why we invest most of the resources back into the development of the application and the quality of the customer service. So, somehow, we believe that the best advertisement is a good product and service. And it pays off.

When it comes to innovation, we never looked so much at what the competition is doing. Because there was nothing to pick up from someone. From the beginning we had to look for ourselves and our inspiration, and this approach has remained with us to this day. That is why we have developed most of our innovations together with our clients. Our modules have therefore grown on the actual needs of real firms. And it’s visible in them. No one invented them sitting behind the table nor copied from another system, we built everything on them so it would make sense. Many of them have become the standard that all customers expect today.

Are you interested in thinking about introducing an electronic cafeteria or meal e-vouchers? So let us know today. We are happy to talk to you about your situation.

Some of our innovations over the past 15 years:

  • the first online cafeteria in the Czech Republic and Central Europe
  • First pay-as-you-go cards and our first 12 terminals
  • the first automatic update of the data for a client in the Czech Republic (Vodafone)
  • online Total Reward Statement (Personalized Overview of Employee Rewards, Nestlé)
  • Cashback benefit – The opportunity to increase your budget through private purchases on the Internet
  • Benefit Plus as the first mobile app for both iOS and Android
  • the first electronic meal vouchers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia
  • Inspiration, Innovation, Managerial Rewards Modules
  • Innovation and Fellowship Modules
  • Salary Swap in cooperation with Deloitte
  • Benefits of the Month – The cafeteria has included an offer of discount portal-style experiences

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