Imagine a system in which employees freely choose benefits of thousands of suppliers, but you do not have to worry about it at all. Surprisingly, you have even less work with benefits, so you can start doing something more important. Everyone is satisfied in the end. You, the employees, the accounting department, even the CEO. Does it sound too nice to be true?


Holiday, vitamins, cinema tickets, books, fitness centre passes, concerts, children’s camps…Different people, different interests. It is bewildering. You can work hard, but you will never make everyone happy. Fortunately, there already are some applications that can help you with this. Ours is Benefit Plus and we created it fifteen years ago. We were first in the Czech Republic.

In the cafeteria, all employees have their own point account. Like in a bank. And everybody buys benefits according to their own taste, nobody interferes in it. Thanks to this, no one feels to be disadvantaged and you can be at peace that no penny was spent unnecessarily for the benefits. This is how the investments into benefits should look.

Employee data arrives to us either through automatic transmission or by uploading a file to a secure repository. Some data will be encrypted right after they arrive and no one else than an authorized employee can see them. Not even our administrator. However, such a level of security is unnecessary for most customers, most often we only work with basic data such as a work email and employee ID.

By the way – the security of personal data. An important matter. A topic that bristled everyone’s hair in perhaps all departments in every company. GDPR, GDPR, GDPR… this word has been heard in our company over the last 6 months, so much so that it is still ringing in the ears of employees. Thanks to GDPR, we have improved our security mechanisms and set up a number of new processes in the app. We have already gone through a demanding security audit from Deloitte, and today we also hold the ISO/IEC 27001: 2014 (Data Security Management System) certificate. So we are GDPR-ready and you can remain calm. Your data will be highly protected.

Suits Everyone

Voucher in the mobile, printed voucher from an email or quick card payment. You can use your points in several ways. For suppliers who have an online shop, you can even often pay directly through their payment gateway. One, two, three, and it’s done. Everyone chooses the way that best suits them. And whoever does not choose from the 9,000 contractual partners, can send us an invoice and we will pay it within two days.

Tax Savings 31,1 %

Thanks to the tax incentive, all services purchased in the cafeteria are 31.1 % cheaper for employees, than if they were paid in cash. You do not pay any taxes from it nor are there deductions. In addition it is also more beneficial for a company that saves at least 8.5 % on each reimbursed benefit. This will make the management happy.


Discounts, discounts, discounts. Czechs love them. Your employees will find dozens in the Benefit Plus cafeteria. Thanks to the cashback benefit, you can gain extra points for your own purchases online. Do you need to buy clothes for children? Next time sign in on through our application and we will refund you 7%. Just like that, without having to do anything. Great.

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