Become our partner

Last year, we sent our contractual partners almost 2 billion CZK to their accounts. That is exactly what our users have spent in Benefit Plus. That is really a lot of money. Is it not a pity that some of them did not end up with you? Let´s change it right now.


Česká spořitelna, ČSOB, Generali, Moneta Money Bank, UniCredit Bank, Siemens, Vodafone … these are just a few examples of the companies for which we work. Altogether they are over 250. And each of their employees receives a budget each year, which they then spend on Benefit Plus. Many of them even transfer their bonuses and rewards to Benefit Plus, because non-cash benefits are tax-friendly. All of these 200,000 users can now easily reach us through one contract that you can fill out in 10 minutes.

Why become our partner?

  • You will gain new customers who have spent their budget on your competitors
  • We send payments within 2 business days
  • You do not pay any lump or fee, just commission from the order

How to accept Benefit Plus


Payment by SMS or printed voucher

The user will place an order in our application and will send an SMS or a printed voucher on your services upon payment. Any difference will be payable to your customer in cash. A copy of the voucher will be sent to you by email immediately after the order is made by the user or you can check it directly in the system.

Payment by Benefit Plus voucher

Payment with the Benefit Plus card

The user will provide you with our payment card, whose transaction number and value are entered into the payment gateway on the Internet. Any difference will be payable to your customer in cash.

Payment with Benefit Plus card

Who can become our partner

According to law, we can include health, culture, sports, recreation, education, and newly books in the contractual network.


What will cooperation cost me? What is the commission?
Do I need a payment terminal?
I have an online shop, can I become your partner?

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