Meal E-Vouchers

Meal E-Vouchers

For twenty years nothing has happened in the area of Czech meal vouchers. Why should it have? Paper perfectly suited to meal voucher companies. Their customers, however, had to send the vouchers to their employees in very complicated way. So we said enough. And we launched the first electronic meal vouchers in the Czech Republic.


It is easy with Benefit Plus meal e-vouchers. Literally. Every month, just send us a list of employees who are entitled to meal e-vouchers and we will return points to personal accounts. Employees are already paying for their meals with their own card at bank terminals. In exact crowns, without worrying about change returned from the meal e-vouchers. See how simple it works (video is available only in Czech so far).

How it works?

Why are e-vouchers profitable?


Fast distribution

With the Benefit Plus meal e-vouchers, you will save money and time, since you will get rid of their regular ordering, storage and distribution. Employees will be pleased to receive their meal vouchers each month much earlier than their prehistoric paper predecessors.


On one card

Why carry two cards in your wallet when one is enough? The Benefit Plus card itself knows whether you are paying at a restaurant or in a fitness center. Thanks to this you can have one card for both leisure time and meals. And by the way – even in this, we were the first.


Under control

Lunch tastes much better when you know you have enough money to pay. That is why we can send you an e-mail message after each transaction, stating how much you still have left for a month. In addition, you cannot lose meal e-vouchers or they cannot be stolen.

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