Extra modules

Extra modules

Money and meal vouchers, this combination might have worked ten years ago. But times are changing. In addition, a new generation of employees is entering the labor market, who are much more difficult to engage. They are people for whom it’s not enough to hand out papers or cards. They want to see your genuine interest. That is why we started to develop a number of other modules for the cafeteria.


The additional modules add a new dimension to the cafeteria. From the tool for ordering benefits ordering, it suddenly becomes a system that congratulates employees on a work anniversary, or where you can praise a colleague if he/she succeeds at something. Our development focuses mainly on motivation, awareness of corporate values and cost effectiveness. You can implement the modules at any time in the course of the Benefit Plus cafeteria and set them exactly according to your internal needs.


Salary Swap (Sacrifice)

Holiday, dentist, English, rings for your kids. You can pay for all this and much more with the benefits and save 31% than you would if you paid in cash. Just give employees the opportunity to convert a portion of their remuneration into benefit points. Salary Swap is provided in cooperation with Deloitte, which guarantees tax compliance.



Whoever gives fast, gives twice. It is not very significant to give someone a small remuneration for wages. Besides, you are waiting for the remuneration for a long time, your money will be taxed, and then it will dissipate in a larger amount. In the Manager module, managers can send small remuneration to their colleagues immediately, while still praising them publicly. In addition, the company has an overview of who, when, and what remuneration he/she received.


Total Rewards

Employees strangely do not know what their employers give them beyond the wages they offer. That is why we created Total Rewards, a module that give employees a full, comprehensive overview of benefits. Thanks to it, employees will find not only cafeterias in one place, but also all internal benefits and advantages.



So we’re really proud of this module. We created it together with innovation experts. Thanks to its implementation, it won’t happen to you that some good idea will be forgotten in the company Employees write all their ideas into a system where you can manage them until they are finally put into practice, and it is still worth remunerating them.



Simple and well-arranged records of mentoring and its associated remuneration across the entire company in a tax-advantageous scheme.



It’s free and has the biggest impact on work performance. What is it? We all know that, and yet we praise so little. It is easy, however, through the Praise module. Just select a colleague, choose a corporate value, write a brief praise, and his/her motivation goes through the roof. In addition, the manager can then report all of his/her team’s praise and further work with them.



When you celebrate ten years in company and your boss does not remember it, you will certainly not be pleased. But with the Wishes module for anniversaries it will not happen. The autonomous system not only searches for an anniversary and sends a wish, but even beforehand alerts the manager to the anniversary of someone on his/her team. The module also allows you to automatically load points of varying size according to type of anniversary.



Within Benefit Plus, you can easily select corporate voting for employee of the month or year. It appears that employees first nominate their colleagues, and after approving the list HR department then chooses the best of them.



Mainly in large organizations, it is often the case that people from different departments do not know everything. This cooperation is not very beneficial. The Networking module allows them to group together into interest clubs, which they can create and manage through the application. It is actually our first step toward corporate social networking and connecting employees over their interests and hobbies.



Not everybody likes to go to work alone and somebody likes to save on costs yet again. Carpooling acts as a specialized advertising portal for commuting employees. In addition, it enables employees to establish informal relationships, and the environmental impact is also positive.



Our owner says that benefits should be mainly about experiences and not purchases in a pharmacy. That is why we started to make special offers every month in the style of discount portals that employees can order from or just inspire them. All these experiences can be ordered as a gift voucher and please your family members.



It is better to buy used item from a known person than an anonymous person on the Internet. Do you agree? That is why the Bazaar is here. It employees to simply sell and purchase used goods in a secure business environment from their colleagues.

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